Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Week

This week we talk about beauty and body care! I prepared some posts very interesting and hope you enjoy!
For starters let's talk about the importance of daily cleaning of facial skin!


Questa settimana si parla di bellezza e cura del corpo! Ho preparato alcuni post molto interessanti e spero che vi piacciano! Per cominciare parliamo dell'importanza della pulizia quotidiana della pelle del viso!

Friday, January 28, 2011


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Patrizia Bambi, direttore creativo della casa di moda fiorentina, ha annunciato con orgoglio l'arrivo del suo primo profumo, 27 gennaio, a Milano, presso lo Spazio Maroncelli.
Una fragranza contemporanea e intensa, destinata a diventare l’ideale estensione dell’eleganza e
della femminilità delle collezioni Patrizia Pepe.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The new models of Mulberry handbags that are on sale at Net-a-Porter.
I nuovi modelli di borse Mulberry che trovate in vendita su Net-a-Porter.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to organize your closet

In the rush of everyday life, you open your wardrobe and never find what you want to use? Or you look at it and think it does not fit anything else in there?
Good organization can solve the problem. Often a better arrangement of parts provides a significant gain in space. With everything in order, it also becomes easier to find those missing pieces of the mess before.


The coveted.
founded by Erin Kleinberg and Mark Stephanie takes you inside the cabinets of great cultural influence internationally, showing us the closet our favorite fashions style, his personal style, one item at a time.
The The Coveted is entirely devoted to photographing the planet's most wantedclosets. The official launch of the blog was 21 days and the first dressing wasphotographed Joanna Hillman.



The coveted.
fondata da Erin Kleinberg e Mark Stephanie ti porta all'interno degli armadietti digrande influenza culturale internazionale, che ci mostra l'armadio di nostri fashioniste preferiti, il suo stile personale, un elemento alla volta.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My logbook part 3

Do you remember my trip to Brazil? So, there I met a very cute store! Cute in every way, the clothes, the treatment, the place.... I just loved it!
The shop is called Rosa Mel, is growing slowly but is already having success in Rio de Janeiro!
My sister always bought there. That's because before open shops, they sold at fairs!
Each piece its very different, colorful, lively ...
As I had not much time (my credit card said thanks ...) so I bought a dress and a halter top!
But take a look in these models and visit the store site, I'm sure you will love!
Oh, if they can not come into direct contact with the shop, send an email to me ok!
The pictures of my purchases are not very good, but I can assure  they are so beautiful!


Ricordate il mio viaggio in Brasile? Allora, ho trovato un negozio molto carino da tutti i punti di vista,  vestiti,  accoglienza, locale .... Me ne sono innamorata!

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Tips Film

Hi guys,
There is nothing better going to the movies with her boyfriend, eat a huge pot of popcorn and watch a nice movie? But a film that really entertains you, interesting, intelligent ...
then, in this poster Hereafter, the new Clint Eastwood film is a supernatural thriller starring three people:George (Matt Damon) is a U.S. worker who has a special relationship with the afterlife, Marie (Cecile de France), a French journalist who had an experience between life anddeath that has shaken their confidence and Marcus (George and Frankie McLarenMcLaren), a student in London who lost the next person who was desperate for answers. Their stories intertwine, eventually, their lives are forever changed by whatthey believe to exist or should exist in the world.


Ciao ragazzi,
Cosa c'è di meglio che andare al cinema con il  fidanzato/a, mangiare un enorme sacchetto di popcorn e guardare un bel film? Ma un film che diverte davvero,interessante, intelligente ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday wishlist

Yay! My birthday is approaching and as every year, I always prepare my wish list. Some are unreal, some big dreams, but most quite possible to be acquisitive! eheheheh ...
My husband is already preparing the pocket...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decor em ação 2

Today, Sunday, under the covers, I decided to do a little research of decoration of houses. And look what I found: the pictures of the new home of Kim Kardashian.
She bought a luxury home, which costed nearly $ 5 million Beverly Hills, with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.


Oggi, Domenica, sotto le coperte, ho deciso di fare una piccola ricerca di decorazione di case. E guardate cosa ho trovato: le foto della nuova casa di Kim Kardashian.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The 100° post

Yay! Finally we reached the 100 ° post!
I feel very happy because when I started this blog had no idea what could become!
Every day is a new, loving comments and an opportunity to write ... really do what I like so much, no rules, no commands ... Take this opportunity to thank the kindness and patience of you and remember this is a space for exchanging ... then ... if they have ideas, suggestions or even complaints can write to me!

big kisses


Yay! Finalmente abbiamo raggiunto il 100 ° post!

Tips for a fun and intelligent read

A nice tip for those cold days, where we can put under the covers and dream a little, is the book Rossella Canevari and Virginia Fiume.


Characteristic for the Vernaccia and its huge tower (remain only 14 of the 72 original)
The city, established in Etruscan epoch, had the period of greatest flowering during the Middle Ages, becoming a free municipality in 1199. This deadline was extended until mid-fourteenth century, ideal for people to appreciate the beauty and good taste and walk around buildings and towers, squares and alleys, churches and public buildings custody of beautiful works of art. The atmosphere, evocative image, keep in memory of the visitor an unforgettable experience of rare beauty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gourmet tips

One of the best known Brazilian sweets and more requests, always present at birthday parties and celebrations in general.
Oh how nice it is to arrive at a birthday party and hope that soon after he cut the cake we can "clog" with the Brigadier! How good!
For me it is even better eating straight from the pot with a spoon ... Huuummm ... that delights! I love it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to use - UGGS

The Ugg is a brand and type of boots (Australian) is here to stay. Whose main features are super comfortable and warm, they are ideal for snow and very cold days and ideal for those seeking comfort.
The history of Ugg began in 1978 when the surfer Brian Smith needed to find a way to keep your feet warm between waves! The brand has grown and today are very popular throughout the world.
Are not suitable for walking in the rain just even when the weather is dry is that you can walk with them, otherwise your feet will get wet and spoil your UGG.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shoes with studs

Different, irreverent, fun ... no matter how you want to call, but it's certainly an idea to make a difference in look!


Diverso, irriverente, divertente ... non importa come si voglia chiamare, ma è certamente 
un 'idea di fare la differenza nel look


GOLDEN GLOBE 2011 - The 68th Golden Globe awards ceremony, held Sunday night in Los Angeles
I separated some of the looks that I thought cute! I putting in 1st place in the list, the Anne's Hathaway dress! It was divine with a sleeves dress, backless and Armani Prive!


Golden Globe 2011 - 68 ° Golden Globe cerimonia di premiazione, svoltasi Domenica notte a Los Angeles. Ho separato alcuni dei look che ho visto carini! Io mettendo al 1 ° posto nella lista, il vestito di Anne Hathaway! Lei è stata divina in un abito con maniche, con la schiena  scollatta e Armani Prive!

look of the day

beautiful, creative and simple!
You saw a nice way how to use the fur vest?
I loved the look!


Oggi volevo uscire cosi...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pitti Immagine 2011

Pitti Immagine organizes some of the most important fashion events in the world: international fairs in the
textile and garment quality and exhibitions, events, communications and cultural activities and research related to the fashion system and fashion as an aesthetic expression and global evolution of taste.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

key pieces of Winter

Hello people,

With the arrival of winter, sometimes it is impossible to transform the look. That's because we have to use those heavy coats (usually black) and it seems we are always in the same outfit.
I separated some key pieces that are creative, warm and help change the look.
A beautiful leather pants, fur vest, gloves, hats, boots, colorful scarf, different purses and sunglasses


Ciao ragazzi,

Con l'arrivo dell'inverno, a volte è impossibile trasformare il look. Questo perché dobbiamo usare 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


People ... really is my year!
ahahahah ... simply calculate my birthday (which happens in next month ...) is 11/02 = It is like 2011, did you? I was right!
Well folks, among many innovations happening in the city as FIRENZE4EVER and  the parade Alberta Ferretti, I really owed a bit of news for you!
I'm coming back from a wonderful trip in Sardegna! We managed to escape for a few days and rest awhile. But now I'm back ... HAND AT THE WORK!

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