Wednesday, January 12, 2011


People ... really is my year!
ahahahah ... simply calculate my birthday (which happens in next month ...) is 11/02 = It is like 2011, did you? I was right!
Well folks, among many innovations happening in the city as FIRENZE4EVER and  the parade Alberta Ferretti, I really owed a bit of news for you!
I'm coming back from a wonderful trip in Sardegna! We managed to escape for a few days and rest awhile. But now I'm back ... HAND AT THE WORK!

For starters let's talk about Firenze4ever:

An event organized by Luisa Via Roma (Italian multi) that brings together bloggers of the fashion world! The first edition took place last year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the store. An event very busy and full of figurines we know and we follow

And now on the parade of Alberta Ferretti:

It's a dream's parade was staged last night at Pitti Immagine Uomo 79, in the suggestive location of the Church of Santo Stefano in Florence, Alberta Ferretti has decided to celebrate the uniqueness of the "normal" woman. A walkway with exceptional protagonists personalities who wore head precious but easy to put on. A walkway from the dream, which has boasted the presence of the singer Elisa with some of his famous songs was the theme song, wrapped in a cloud-soft white dress, the taste of Greece..

Valentina Gambino

Tamsin Egerton

Sara Felberbaum

Poppy De Lavingne

Olivia Inge

Nicole Grimaudo


Camille Belle

Marisa Berenson

Zani Gugelmann

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