Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brazilian brands of cosmetics

As the post Diva spoke a little makeup, I found it interesting to show a bit of Brazilian brands of cosmetics. The Companies are recognized and good quality. I always bought their products and I don't regretted! They are: O Boticario, Natura and Contém 1g.


With over 600 products in the portfolio (perfumes, creams and lotions and makeup), "O Boticario" offers complete solutions of beauty and delight consumers around the world.
In the view of "O Boticario", the environment is also an exponent of beauty. So in 1990, was created "O Boticario Foundation for Nature Protection." A nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and take action for nature conservation
Today, "O Boticario" is the largest franchise network of perfumery and cosmetics in the world with over 2,800 stores in Brazil and in 1,000 outlets and 70 exclusive shops in 10 other countries.


Natura is a brand of Brazilian origin, born of passion for cosmetics and relations present in seven Latin American countries and France. In Brazil, they are the industry leader in the cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries, as well as in the direct sales sector. Its products are the best expression of essence. To develop them, mobilize social networks capable of integrating scientific knowledge and wisdom of traditional communities, promoting at the same time, the sustainable use of biodiversity rich Brazilian botany. In its production, do not use animal testing and we strictly observe the strictest international safety standards. The result is high quality cosmetic creations, which bring pleasure and well-being, with design inspired by forms in nature.


Founded in 1984, Contém 1g produces makeup for all women.
The company builded their space both physically - with more than 200 points of sale - and emotionally in the lives of women.
The brand is the most important shopping centers in the country. There are more than 200 points throughout Brazil.

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  1. amo a boticario!!! lembra do florata in blu???


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