Monday, November 15, 2010

Diva Tips - Make-up

After being invited by Tha to write on the blog, I decided to make my debut with tips on makeup.
So here we go ...

Makeup can be a mother ... or a stepmother!
Depending on how you produce, can disguise the flaws or finish to exposed those defects that we all have. I'll start talking about very basic makeup, that you can use without fear of coming up with clown face.

First, clean the skin. Thus, the following products will adhere more easily.
Apply moisturizer with sunscreen, if you will use during the day. Spreading well, massaging the facial skin, the moisturizer to penetrate and take effect.
Then apply a base (can apply the primer before, if you prefer _ it extends the life of make up) and then the powder, preferably with a specific brush. It may be a similar to that used to apply blush. Apply with sponge for powder, remove the excess. Pronto! Your skin can now receive the color that you will appreciate

Let's go to the part of the eyes ... Apply illuminating shade or a lighter shade (usually the shadows come in a duo, facilitating our life) in the upper eyelid, one that sits just below the eyebrow and then apply the darker shade on the eyelid mobile. Give preference to pastel colors, more discreet during the day. At night, use more vibrant colors, but without exaggeration. The pastel colors can also be used at night, varying only the color of lipstick.
Contour the top of the eyes with black eyeliner or pencil (be careful! The Eyeliner only for those who have practice!)

In this case, I find it interesting to apply a blush that gives an air of health to the skin. It may be a shade of brown to a light tan, or pink, if the skin is very white. The tone is also slightly red for beautiful clear skin. For brunettes, lilac or darker pink. With a large brush for blush, apply the product on the cheeks and pull the brush toward your ears, with gentle movements, and without exaggerating the amount of color.
Lips, nude lipstick, or light for the day. For the night, red, gold, mauve, etc..

For a discrete make-up and sophisticated at the same time, I recommend a recent video of Miss Chievous.

Until next time!

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