Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to Brick Lane

Yesterday I was talking with a great friend of mine who lives in London and he was giving me cool suggestion! (Be, I loveeeed!!!)

One suggestion of him is a neighborhood called Brick Lane, where fashion reigns Vintage.
I, with my immense curiosity, I decided to search the internet!

Brick Lane is a famous street in London's East End.

From the 90's Brick Lane began to develop as a center of culture, thanks to high concentration of Indian food restaurants,

But also the proximity of London Metropolitan University. Many students have already begun to live in the area of convenience and proximity to the center, which is filled with shops, bars among the most famous in London.

The area is also a lively center with frequent exhibitions and artistic activities (sometimes only in bars and clubs), many fashion studios (for all intents and purposes is an area where many trends are born), and famous works of art include street among them some Banksy works.

The Folk store has recently opened its new store in Brick Lane in London.
They mixed the white walls, simple clothes and handmade wooden panels together to create an interesting and different sensation. What draws attention is the selection of vintage pieces.

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  1. muito legal esse bairro!!! Bem que aqui a gente podia achar lugares descolados assim né...


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