Friday, November 12, 2010

My logbook part 1

As I told you guys, my trip was not well planned. And now I'm running against time. How do I know I always forget something, I decided to make a list. Then came the idea of making this post, with basic items for traveling.

1. What to wear:

* An idea is to use a thick scarf that can serve as a blanket.
* Basic clothing with shoes and handbags in vivacious colors. The accessories make the difference.
* Dark glasses (indispensable for long trips)

2.What can not miss in your handbag:

1. bubble gum: good breath makes miracles
2. Basic make up: Just a few touches and you're ready 
3. Toothbrush and paste:even more after a meal
4. Deodorant: sweat can ruin any wonderful look
5. Wet towels:helps cool and clean
6. Moisturizing cream:for not let dry hands or feet
7. Hair clips and elastics: not to be frightened when you wake up and not have many resources to "lower" their hair.
8. Butter for lips: for dry lips
9. Socks:for protect the cold and make you very relaxed when you sleep
10. Perfume: choose a fragrance that you like

3. Extras:

1. Labels of identification: it is always wise to identify your bag
2. Great portfolio: You can organize all your documents in only one place and no risk of losing or forgetting some.
3. Ipod: Choose your favorite playlist and enjoy.
4. Moleskine Notebook: Works as a hobby and then you can keep it of as remembrance
5. Magazines: doubles as a hobby, in addition to keep you informed

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  1. ahahah... eu tb tenho uma grande dificuldade de fazer malas. As vezes nao sei o que levar, levo coisas que nao uso... horrivel! Minhas malas sao sempre pesadas... uo!

  2. adorei as dicas!!! A melhor foi usar o lenço como cobertor!!! Eu nao tinha pensado nisso!!! amei!!

  3. obaaaaa... adorei as dicas!!! adoro viajar, adoro fazer malas, meu unico problema é que sempre esqueço uma peça onde vou... sempre deixando minha marquinha... ahahah...

  4. ai tocou no ponto fraco: fazer mala!!! pra mim é sempre terrivel!!! Aoreias dicas!!!

  5. as vezes eu coloco tanto coisa na bolsa de mao que acabo esquecendo desses itens basicos!!! adorei


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