Monday, November 1, 2010

Foundation Make-up

Foundation is a make-up used to cover up scars, imperfections, dark spots and create an overall smooth/flawless appearance. Here are some foundations in makeup LIQUID, CREAM, LIQUID-POWDER, TINTED AND AFFORDABLE!

Provides a range of media and total uniform with a Result. It has a moisturizing function, and fine lines less visible Entries. But there is a big job to spread it may be too heavy for oily skin.
Ideal for dry, mature or irregular, when you want to get a smooth result.

It offers coverage fine, light, effect of soap and water. is sold in a wide variety of tones and water-based formulas. The problem is that it dries quickly on contact with air, don't nourish as dry skin. Ideal for all skin types and when you search for a natural effect and did not want to feel the foundation on the skin.

Formula many light-textured that provides coverage fine and transparent. It spreads slowly and does not contribute to expression lines. The problem is that it can dry out quickly, so you have to spread quickly  for a compact covering. Idelal for young and clear skin and when you want to get a uniform basis to more than cover the stains.

Without oil
Ensures uniform coverage, with no trace of gloss. Delays the effect shiny longer of skin than the larger part of the foundation. The problem is that dry if leave open . Ideal for oily skin and get a look at smoothing effect.

Is a foundation multiuse, which also works as a corrective and offers good coverage with a creamy effect. Conceals redness and scars, ideal for quick touch-ups. The problem is that it can be too untoso for oily skin in the zone "T". Ideal for normal, dry or mixed skin, and when you want to hide imperfections in specific areas.

Match the foundation and powder in the same formula, providing coverage between average and total. Easy to apply, no need to use the powder. But can appear heavy, especially on dry skin. Ideal for normal, oily or mixed skin, when you have little time and you want a coverage rapidly.

cream with powder effect:
Creamy formula that provides medium coverage with a result similar to that of some light powders. Quick to apply, spreads easily. However, it's can emphasize wrinkles and dry skin. Ideal for normal and combination skin, for an easy and compact application.

colored moisturizer:
It offers a basic coverage and a luminous effect and velvety. It helps to keep skin hydrated and raviva color. But does not hide mark neither the pimple. Ideal for all skin types and when you want to keep it moist rather than cover it.

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