Monday, November 22, 2010

Diva Tips - Make-up B - O Boticario

Hello divas!

Today I’ll write about the Brazilian trend O Boticário which has launched a segment of make-up called Make B. The products of Make B line contain vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating, preventing premature skin aging. Therefore, it is oil free and presents products with high definition technology. So, with all these benefits it shall be sheer recommended for us divas!

Now, let me speak about how to find the right foundation for you skin. As we know, the foundation is essential for make-up’s finishing because of its allowance of making the other products, as powder, blush and shadow, to adhere on your face. So, the foundation is THE important step.
Before purchasing the foundation, you will have to try the colors close to your skin tone. Try it on your face and check which one is the better.
If your skin tone is lighter than your neck’s, you should better choose the foundation color that’s close to your neck’s tone, to offset and harmonize the production. It is better than look like Casper (the friendly ghost, remember?)!
So, if you are interested in buying good and healthy make-up to keep yourself beautiful, I recommend the Make B line, whose products can also be find on O Boticario’s virtual shop. (

See you, girls!


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