Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kiko Make Up

Do you know Kiko?

Kiko is a fashion  italian brand of Milan. Since 1997. A large room with shelves full of shadows like a home only to women in the world of make-up.

The wide variety of products can help you find the right product for your needs, based on personal characteristics such as skin type and age. Lines of treatment accompanied by a professional line of skin care for women who pay attention to the health of your skin. Creams and concealers, blushers, face powder, mascara, eye shadow, pencil, lipstick, nail polish and accessories such as brushes, sponges and applicators. The product line offers skin care to cleanse, moisturize and purify the skin. Everything you need, day after day can be found at Kiko

In addition to complete (here you find everything you need in the world of Make-up), also likes the brand is because of not testing on animals .. Valuable information that I puts it on top of my personal top ten. Prices are also very cheap compared with the same products made by internationally renowned brands

Address Kiko Milano Make up
 There are many outlets people, see the website:


  1. to adorando todas essas lojas que vc ta comentando, mas é uma pena nao termos aqui no brasil... ainda!!! sera que posso comprar pela internet?

  2. è vero, non esiste una donna in italia che non vada alla Kiko, e quando si entra non c'è verso di uscire senza niente, anche solo uno smalto!

  3. mas essa Kiko é mesmo o maximo hein...
    adorei!!! E o Kiko????ahahahah...


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