Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Italian's BB

Started the BB of italia, ie, The Great Fratello.
With so many different people! While in Brazil invests in the body, here they invest in character. Each figure! I here hoping to see beautiful men, tall, strong ops...men and women well-dressed, because it is almost part of the "commandments" of the Italians (eat well, dress well, a nice car ...) But nothing! They're like cartoons! All right who say that these realities when they ride their characters and create stories (ihhhhhhhhh. .. this is long story) But it seems that here it is very strong! Everything is a drama! 

"Then she drank my glass of water ... ... snif...snif... as I do now?" ahahahah ... exaggerations aside, the path is more or less so. They make a kind of preferred the public and can not walk into this vote. (The audience here is very influential, there are several programs to provide feedback and decide the lives of others).
In a week of the program  the histories are unfolding, as a Mexican soap opera!  ... I'm not excited how I stayed  with BB Brazil. But however I am a curious and gossip, dramas, soap operas ... that enchant me so much! ahahahahaha ..

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