Sunday, September 12, 2010



I created this blog because I am extremely passionate about fashion!
After I came to Italy worsened or improved ... (Depends on your point of view)
I read, hear, do and breathe fashion! By simply love it!
But I also love gossip, celebrities, show, romantic comedies, soaps, chocolates,
things to the body, skin and hair and wanted a place where I could talk, exchange and
share that my passions. Now just to blah blah blah ... and hands the works.

About Me

Who I am...

I really do not know
Suddenly I let you discover my secrets and mysteries
You can use your senses ... sight, smell, hearing ...
The touch, taste ... What a delight!
I can be fancy or just casual ...
What I like most is to enjoy life ...
I'm Living on diet, the balance irritates me,
I'm big, I'm intense, I'm impulsive ...
I'm a goddess when I want to be
I'm just a Brazilian girl with many dreams and many ideas in my head

1 comment:

  1. Cara q bom ver vc, e aí ta gostando, deve sentir falta da familia né? Qdo vier vamos marcar para beber um chopp, vc tem contato com Suzana ainda?Caso tenha, e sei q ela é boa em combinar, podemos marcar algo, relembrar o pessoal da Infoglobo.

    bjs Marlene.


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